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Probate is the process in which a family or a group of individuals that need a judge and court order to disperse certain personal possessions or real estate to each member. That is just a simplified reason of what probate is. While the property is in this process it is considered in intestate. There are many document needed to get the probate process started. One, is a trust or a will. If a will or trust was not recorded with the city, this will qualify as a probate case.


Usually the wait time for a probate to be cleared and the possessions are handed or recorded to the members names can usually take from 2-6 months. If you are able to provided all these documents listed above you can try to make the process go through sooner. Derek at NorCal Home Offer can help you with all the probate documents and getting them in order to sell to an investor like Derek. If the property needs and repairs and has damages or is outdated, Derek can still purchase them.


Derek has purchased probate houses in Shasta, Tehama and Butte County. Since Derek pays cash and closes with a local title company, you wont have to wait a month or three months to list a property, have inspections done and wait if the buyer actually can qualify to purchase the property. He will close right when the probate process is completed and its is under the respected members names. If you are looking to see how much Derek can offer on a probate property, give Derek a call at 530-356-5565 or fill out the easy form and Derek will personally reach out to you today! Hope this helps guide you to the right direction of selling your house!

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Derek has been a Local In the Northern California are all his Life, He started his career as a Cash Buyer in 2016 and since then has helped many families and individuals in uncomfortable situations. Give Derek a call or fill out the form below and he will call you Directly! Derek Has Served anywhere from Monterey all the way north of I-5 to Redding Ca!

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