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Sell My House Redding  (Derek Buys Houses)
How’s it going everyone? My name’s Derek. I’ve been a resident here in Shasta County for over 22 years now. I’m an investor looking to purchase properties and I’m looking to pay cash. I’ve purchased vacant properties, single family homes, multi units, and you name it. If you have a property, you might be interested in selling, let me know, and I can give you a cash offer on the spot, or we can do a walkthrough. You can also visit my website, where it has a lot of information on selling to us or going the traditional way of selling through a realtor and paying for all the commission fees and waiting for a couple of months for inspections and you have to do all that, versus us where we just do a quick walk through, tell you how much we can offer. We can go under contract and close within whenever you like.

If that’s something you might be interested in, let me know. As you can see I’m in a property right now that we just purchased. We’re in the Jones Valley area. It’s a mobile home, seller just wanted to get rid of it and move on and get on his mobile home car and just move on to another life. We’re happy to help people like that. So if you’re going through some kind of situation, and even if you’re not ad you just want to sell your property and make it a quick and easy transaction, let me know. My name is Derek and hope to hear from you soon. Visit my website or you can call me at 530-364-5565 again, 530-364-5565 Hope you have a good day and stay safe out there.
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