Sell my house in Redding. We buy houses and pay cash!

Sell my house in Redding. We buy houses and pay cash!
How’s it going? My name’s Derek. I own I’m an investor here in Redding, California. I’m looking to purchase properties right now, me and my partners, and we’re looking to pay cash and close within a certain amount of time. And we’ve helped people in situations where they’ve had to basically move out of their house or they’re going on a pre-foreclosure or they’ve went through a divorce, or let’s say they inherited a house and it’s just a hard time for them to deal with it. Either they live out of town or they don’t live in the house or they do live in the house, but they’re maybe in some kind of debt.

We are actually able to give you guys cash on a property. We can close within two to four weeks and we can pay all the closing costs and fees. You can visit my website, it’s, or you can give me a call at (530) 364-5565. We’re here to help people. We’re here in the business to talk to people and see what the situation is and see how we can help out. Even if we’re not able to buy your house, at least we can help you out and see what we can do in this situation.

I’ve lived here for 20 years in Northern California, I know what areas and where everything is, so if you have any questions or I have great resources, please just give me a call or leave a message on this ad. The phone number is (530) 364-5565.
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