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Failed Property Listing; Why Choosing to Sell with Cash Buyer is a Better Option

When planning to sell a property, most of us would think about listing with a realtor. We often forget about the whole process that we need to go through to get the property listed. First up, you need to make sure you find yourself a good agent. It takes a lot of research to make sure you list with someone who has enough experience and a good number of closed sales. Most of the time, realtors would initially list the property at a high price and reduce it gradually depending on the interests they get whenever they reach a certain price. There could be a lot of hassle which includes, inspections, renovations, price reviews every now and then.

The biggest disadvantage in this process is when the listing fails. Failed listing happens when the property was initially listed at a very high price. When interested buyers see the number of times the listing price has been reduced, their automatic thought is that there could be something wrong with it. But, listing at higher than market value seems to be something that realtors need to do to see if they could get more than what the seller wants to get out of it. After months and months of price adjustments, sellers usually give up and decide to wait for the right time to sell. 

Sure Close with Cash Buyers

Is there really a right time to sell? Yes. The right time is the time you have decided to let go of your property. Selling to a cash buyer is a one-process sale. Cash buyers/investors don’t need to go back and forth with you on the pricing. 

With a cash buyer, you can save thousands on not only the realtor fee but on the closing costs as well. All other miscellaneous fees will be handled by the buyer. The amount you save from this transaction could be used for other useful expenses. 

Selling to a cash buyer is as easy as reviewing the offer, signing the contract, and waiting for the closing date. Buyers would request for access once to thrice just to check that the property is as you described and to take photos. This way, you know when you will be able to get the cash you need without worrying if it fails. 

If you require an attorney to take care of the title or probate process, cash buyers usually help you out on this as well especially if you sign a contract with them. They are very willing to help with paying probate attorney upfront and wait till the process ends to finally close on it especially if they know they have a very good property in front of them. 

Cash buyers have a more personal approach to their transactions. It’s always about you and your timeline. If your looking to sell your property, give Derek a call and get a no obligation cash offer. Derek buys houses in Butte, Shasta and Tehama County. Also other areas of Northern California. Give him a try!

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Derek has been a Local In Northern California all his Life. He started his career as a Cash Buyer Investor in 2016 and since then has helped many families and individuals in uncomfortable situations. Give Derek a call or fill out the form below and he will reach out to you Directly! Derek Has Served anywhere from Monterey all the way north of I-5 to Redding Ca!

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