Are you worried your property might have code violations? Are you in a hurry or need to sell ASAP? Are you wondering if a house with code violations still can be sold? Read on and learn more about how you can sell your property with code violations anywhere in Northern California 

How can I sell my property with code violations?

The first major rule of selling a house with code violations is making sure you are honest about it. It is impossible that as an owner, you are unaware of it since you are immediately being contacted as soon as the county has imposed the violation. Hiding the fact is only going to make the process a whole lot harder and slower. 

The easiest route to selling a house with a code violation is doing it with a cash buyer or an investor. Derek at Norcal Home Offer buys a lot of properties with code violations. The transaction has always been smooth if you disclose the situation as we start the process. 

Selling with Derek at Norcal Home Offer would be the best route. Once you inform him of the code violation, the title company will be looking into it and will already start to check on options on how to get rid of the violation if there is a way to or how much the fine is. In most cases, if it is not a big fine, he can let it go and not take it from the total offer, but if it’s a big amount, Derek and the title company will try to negotiate with code enforcement on the fine. Or, in situations where there is a way to get rid of it without paying any fine, Derek would be very happy to look into it and help in making things right and up to code. 

Selling your property to Derek at Norcal Home Offer is pretty much the only process you would need to know about. As long as you are honest about it and willing to pay for fines or help as well on things needed to get done to have the property up to code, then you wouldn’t have any problem. 

It is essential to choose whom you sell to. As a property seller, you need to have a buyer who isn’t only making a transaction with you but a relationship as well. Knowing you are assisted and heard is the best experience. Not only that, when you need to, you definitely can get a hold of Derek from Norcal Homes for updates, solutions, results and a new friend.

If you find yourself in a hard spot and cant pay for the repairs on a house to get it up to date. Give Derek a call or simply fill out the form below to get a cash offer! 

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